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In order to meet the local epidemic control requirements, we are unable to do package currently, so the parcel is expected to be delayed for 5-6 days.
Please place orders normally, when the parcel shipping returns to normal, the shipments can be arranged in the order of first-in, first-out. If you have an urgent order, please leave us a message. We will then assign the highest priority processing to your order.
In order to express our apologies, customers who place an order during 8.11-8.18 can enjoy shipping discount for each order and can choose a free gift, we will send it together with your parcel.

--- 8seasons Team

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Metal Pendants

Wholesale Metal Pendants-Now we offer a variety of unique, attractive and high quality metal pendants. These pendants are in various materials and designs to give our customers more choices. What are you waiting? Come to 8seasons and you will get cheap and nice metal pendants.

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UAH 33.53~UAH 95.38

UAH 39.71~UAH 69.44
UAH 27.70~UAH 69.44

UAH 16.18~UAH 57.63

UAH 38.77~UAH 104.31

UAH 32.91~UAH 93.16
UAH 16.46~UAH 93.16

UAH 28.63~UAH 97.11
UAH 16.30~UAH 67.97

UAH 34.65~UAH 92.50

UAH 53.38~UAH 87.31

UAH 50.37~UAH 85.32

UAH 35.28~UAH 55.90

UAH 13.11~UAH 77.77

UAH 38.37~UAH 60.80

UAH 39.33~UAH 60.51

UAH 53.28~UAH 77.22

UAH 37.65~UAH 57.92

UAH 41.20~UAH 63.39

UAH 38.37~UAH 59.03

UAH 32.73~UAH 50.64

UAH 22.73~UAH 35.73

UAH 42.37~UAH 89.04
UAH 22.38~UAH 89.04

UAH 37.65~UAH 57.92

UAH 49.07~UAH 93.16

UAH 59.56~UAH 102.58
UAH 43.40~UAH 102.58

UAH 40.16~UAH 92.50

UAH 33.53~UAH 95.38

UAH 49.45~UAH 76.07

UAH 30.22~UAH 91.63
UAH 18.89~UAH 84.72

UAH 19.48~UAH 63.97

UAH 25.66~UAH 53.17

UAH 39.89~UAH 63.39

UAH 33.28~UAH 91.76
UAH 22.18~UAH 64.04

UAH 56.55~UAH 89.61

UAH 42.55~UAH 61.95

UAH 24.53~UAH 75.49

UAH 39.15~UAH 60.22

UAH 37.08~UAH 111.22

UAH 30.19~UAH 55.95
UAH 15.18~UAH 55.95

UAH 31.12~UAH 121.32
UAH 15.56~UAH 121.32

UAH 37.08~UAH 69.73

UAH 40.37~UAH 100.99
UAH 20.18~UAH 93.16
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