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Snap Button Earrings

Wholesale Snap Button Earrings - You will leave it a pity if you miss such perfect Snap Button Earrings here. There are so many people waiting for wonderful Snap Button Earrings from 8Seasons. As one leading wholesaler in China, 8Seasons offers all kinds of stylish Snap Button Earrings for respected consumers.
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Zinc Based Alloy Ear Post Stud Earrings Fit Snap Buttons Round Silver Tone 12mm( 4/8") Dia, Hole Size: 5mm( 2/8"), 4 PCs

RUB 87~RUB 126
RUB 44~RUB 63
Discount Price by Qty(Unit: Pack)
RUB 126
RUB 63
RUB 107
RUB 54
RUB 87
RUB 44
Part No.: B0132299

Jewelry Snap Button Earrings Post Round Silver Tone W/Stoppers Fit 18mm/20mm Snap Buttons 19mm x 17mm( 6/8" x 5/8"), Hole Size: 6mm( 2/8"), 6 PCs

RUB 150~RUB 230
RUB 75~RUB 115
Discount Price by Qty(Unit: Pack)
RUB 230
RUB 115
RUB 187
RUB 93
RUB 161
RUB 81
RUB 150
RUB 75
Part No.: K01163
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